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NHMRC Program in Cellular Microbiology

A major global issue is the rise of antibiotic-resistance in bacterial pathogens or "super-bugs". The NHMRC Program in Cellular Microbiology investigates the mechanisms by which bacterial pathogens cause human diseases. Cellular Microbiology combines Cell Biology, Microbiology and Molecular Biology to investigate the impact of microbes on host cells and to understand the cell biology of the microbes themselves. The Program is sited at Monash University, and The University of Melbourne.

Our research program is focused on how bacteria initiate infections and how they respond to our immune defences. Molecular cell biology is being used to discover and understand the details of bacterial cell surfaces and protein messengers secreted by bacteria. Genetics and genomics are being used to dissect the critical events in bacterial pathogenesis that can be targeted with new anti-infective strategies. New methods in nanoscale imaging and high-throughput protein-protein screening are resolving molecular details in the interactions between pathogens and their human hosts and stem cell technologies to derive immune cells from patient samples will deliver a holistic understanding of the responses human cells make to these bacterial pathogens.


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