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Dr Hsin-Hui Shen

shen hsin huiDr Shen received a PhD degree from Oxford University in 2008. She is a biophysical chemist by training who has developed a solid background in both experimental and theoretical aspects of biophysical chemistry during her research career. She specializes in using neutron scattering techniques to study the physicochemical properties of various biosystems. She was a postdoctoral research fellow at CSIRO. Her main project at CSIRO was to study how self-assembly nanoparticles can be exploited to image apoptotic cell using different characterization techniques, such as neutron reflectometry, synchrotron-based SAXS, QCM-D, biological assay and confocal microscope. She joined Monash University in August to take up an ARC Super Science position in Professor Trevor Lithgow’s group, investigating the mechanisms of protein secretion system using physical chemistry approaches. She is now a research team leader in the Monash Institute for Medical Engineering (MIME). 

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